Overall Instructions

Overall instructions

WARNING: The documentation has missing parts of the whole flow. We strongly advise you to communicate on slack whenever you feel get stuck. It will give us a chance to improve our documentation!

  • Read through the local installation guide to have a development setup and basic understanding of how the skill development looks like.
  • Deutsche Telekom provides AWS EC2 instances to attendees of Remote Rhapsody hackathon, you need to communicate on slack to get SSH keys for an instance which is assigned individually. You can also read how to connect and setup Voice SDK through AWS Setup guide.
  • To develop a new skill, you can check End-to-end guide on skill development guide page.
  • After you develop the new skill and configure the EC2 instance to serve it, you need to register the new skill with Skill Development Portal. (You need to get an SDP account, please communicate on slack if you didn’t get your account information through email.)
  • After creating the skill on Skill Development Portal, you need to configure skill.conf with api_key and id on the skill codebase. In addition to those, you need to configure catalog and manifest files and add them to the configuration on Skill Development Portal.
  • The next step will be building domain context metadata file and pinging devops people on the slack, to upload this file on behalf of you. (This is a manual step which might take some time)
  • After manual step is done you need to add yourself as tester. (More info: End-to-end guide on skill development)