Server Diagnostics: Ensure minimal down-time with automated service monitoring

Help prevent application outages and maximize performance by monitoring uptime and downtime, system capacity, and overall server status. This level of continuous service monitoring helps you to ensure business continuity by proactively identifying and resolving server functions in real time. Instant notifications to your system administrator ensure timely identification and resolution of server issues. Trust in the Deutsche Telekom global network quality to improve time to resolution with tools designed to help identify anomalies faster.


Capacity management and server performance monitoring made easy

Our APIs provide comprehensive insights into availability and performance monitoring, and communicate this vital information instantly via our custom web-based portal tool. This can help you gain valuable system knowledge, which you can use in many ways to optimise your operational processes or develop new business models.

The Calls and SMS APIs can also help you respond instantly with mission critical alerts and notifications. The server administrator gets instant alerts via text message or voice call, notifying them of anomalies or outages with preconfigured alarm notifications.


Use case benefits

Serious security

Know your customer data is handled carefully and securely across the largest European telco network

Complete visibility

Round-the-clock status insights are provided by our custom web-based portal

Trusted, future-proof platform

Integrate all your touchpoints on a single platform with one user experience and benefit from a growing ecosystem of solutions

Simple and easy

Our simple and elegant APIs are designed to make integration easier than ever before.