Telco made easy

Too many developers struggle building telco services into their applications. We offer a set of APIs that are easy to use. And a community of others to learn from. So that businesses can build and sell more of their telco-enabled products and services.

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Tap directly into one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications networks to reach customers with speed, confidence and security.
A path well travelled
Know your messages will travel the best routes, across reliable and reputable networks.
Serious security
Know your customer data is handled carefully and securely across the largest European telco network.
Fair pricing
We designed pricing to accommodate massive data volumes.
Try before you buy
Test drive our products for 30 days without commitment, with access to APIs, sandboxes and clear documentation.
Simple and easy
Our simple and elegant APIs are designed to make integration easier than ever before.
You’re not alone
Got questions? Contact us via our email support channel for help with our products.

Use cases

Our products can be deployed by exploring them in action, solving problems,
or creating innovative solutions.

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Customer alerts

By adding push notifications to your app, you can communicate with users in real-time, updating them on the location and timing of upcoming deliveries.

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Data security is an essential requirement for every application. Adding this additional security layer protects customer accounts and makes it much harder for hackers to break into your accounts.

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Server diagnostics

Protect your services around-the-clock, and instantly notify your server administrator in case of network outages, fraudulent attacks or other unexpected disruptions.

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By adding our Calls API to your online shop, customers will be able to initiate a voice call with a customer service agent with just a single click.

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Travel alerts notifications

Use our SMS API to provide travelers with up-to-the-minute information about their journey status.

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Automative safety

In case of an emergency, our Calls API can automatically establish voice contact with the driver and connect them to emergency services.

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