Travel Alerts and Notifications

Providing travelers with vital information while on the move.

Make your customers’ journeys as smooth as possible, by providing real-time alerts to any changes in their schedule or travel arrangements. Nobody enjoys a last-minute change in plans, whether it’s a delayed flight, a change to the departure date, or a train running late. By using our SMS API, you can update customers to the status of their journey in the most convenient place - the phone in their pocket.

SMS notifications can keep customers in the loop with engaging notifications and reminders, whether their journey is by plane or train, or simply to let them know that their taxi is ready and waiting outside.

Using alerts, notifications, and reminders to make your customers’ journeys as smooth as possible.

Our SMS API can be integrated into any travel app to provide critical travel information and updates. Send notifications to customers in over 190 countries, thanks to partnerships with over 800 mobile networks and hubs.

The SMS API will give you the tools you need to send & receive SMS text messages, add new contacts and manage your account. We've made it very easy to connect with us. This simple API has done all the heavy lifting for you, meaning you are one simple integration away from reaching customers in the most convenient way possible, wherever their travels take them.

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Increase customer satisfaction with customized information services.

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Globetrotting coverage

Send notifications in over 190 countries, thanks to partnerships with over 800 mobile networks and hubs

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Earn customers' trust

Retain your users by providing them with timely notifications whenever they need them most

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