5G early access program

Deutsche Telekom built a unique indoor and outdoor testbed at hubraum in Berlin where developers, startups, corporates and hyperscalers can test our 5G APIs directly on a fully functional 5G standalone core network. For optimal testing, which will start in Q2 2022, we provide application servers directly connected to the network and to Deutsche Telekom edge clouds. Internet breakout integrated in the testbed is also supplied.


Our 5G APIs interact directly with our 5G Radio Access Network
(RAN). They may allow to obtain information from the network, such as location, congestion, and more, or can configure network settings.

These APIs, such as 5G Latency API, 5G QoS API or 5G Throughput API, can, for example, set a quality of service for a device or IP flow.

Be ahead of your competition

Developers, startups, corporates and hyperscalers can apply for our
5G Early Access Program to validate the impact of our 5G APIs on your own APIs and apps in our testbed.

Get a head start into new business opportunities by learning early how your products can utilize 5G functionalities. We support you during the complete lifecycle of the program and provide working space, active mentoring as well as passive communication channels for your questions. There is also some space for select participants to become a hubraum resident after the conclusion of the individual test batches.

We will add to our existing 5G APIs throughout the year, including standardized APIs through the Camara alliance, and, of course, we are open for commercial discussions!

Specific areas of interest we are looking for

For the first testing batch we focus on moving objects, including cars, drones, automated guided vehicles or robotics. Stay tuned for our next batches, there is more to come!
Moving objects
Automated guided vehicles
Smart factory
Automatic production lines
Video producing
Non-consumer APPs
Consumer apps
We are open for your ideas!

Application phase for moving objects

Get inspired

The wait is over – apply for our
5G early access program today!

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