Automotive Safety: Using embedded voice calling to enhance vehicle occupant safety

In the case of an accident, Deutsche Telekom’s Calls API can be used to establish contact with emergency services automatically. This provides the user with essential support without them needing to touch a single button, and can even convey essential data to the emergency services even if the driver is not conscious.


Using the Calls API in emergency response

After a vehicle accident, an automatic call can be triggered via a collision sensor or voice command. This establishes a connection with emergency services, while also conveying vital data, such as location, vehicle status, and passenger information. The emergency services can then either make voice contact with the person in the car if possible, or dispatch emergency services to the scene with minimal time delay.

The API is simple to integrate into new or existing apps, and does not rely on the vehicle having a pre-existing voice interface or bluetooth connection, making voice-activated safety applicable to drivers of any sort of vehicle.


Use case benefits

Rapid response

Establish quicker response times when customers need it most

We never sleep

Our stable platform is able to cover message peaks with 24/7 reliably

Operator supported routing

Ensures that calls are triaged in the most efficient ways

Global coverage

Establish voice connections in over 190 countries, protecting your customers wherever they drive