Ease of Use

Customer Alerts: Keep your users informed every step of the way by adding notifications to your app

Push notifications allow instant communication with users, regardless of whether their phone is locked or unlocked, and even if they are currently using a different app. These real-time alerts can be used to provide customers with important information, including event reminders or payment notifications, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved business efficiency. In retail, by implementing delivery notifications to your app, you can provide customers with updates on the location and timing of their upcoming deliveries, such as the estimated time of arrival or current location of their parcel. This proactive communication leads to reduced customer contact via email or telephone, improving the overall experience for your users. Push notifications can also be used to provide enhanced user experiences in a wide range of scenarios, including travel, banking, social media, gaming, and much more.


Drive app engagement and retention using push notifications

Mobile push notifications are a fantastic tool for increasing app engagement. With push notifications, it’s about providing the right information at the appropriate time, reminding users of the value that your app brings, and ensuring that your users continue to enjoy this value in relevant moments.

Accurate mobile app location data can distinguish exactly where your app users are. This means that you can deliver app push notifications in precise locations that make sense for your users, leading to higher app engagement and customer retention.

Our Calls and SMS APIs offer native notification support for iOS, Android, and web, so that you can reach your customers. wherever they are.


Use case benefits

Complete visibility

Round-the-clock status insights are provided by our custom web-based portal

Customer retention

Improve user satisfaction by proactively providing vital order updates

Global reach

Send push notifications to customers in over 190 countries, thanks to partnerships with over 800 mobile networks and hubs

Modern API

Trust an easy-to-integrate, enterprise-grade API to handle any volume of messages your company needs as you grow