Deutsche Telekom Cloud Communications

Carrier grade real-time communication features delivered via APIs


Enhance customer experience with Deutsche Telekom Cloud Communications

Our digital, always connected world is transforming the way companies connect to customers. Delivering great customer experience can be complex and customer expectations are high. Cloud communications enables businesses to reach their customers where, when and how they want to be reached.

Delivering Digital Consumer Experiences is Difficult

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How cloud communication services support businesses

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Customers need communications solutions that are specific to the problems needed to be solved.

Robust, flexible solutions

Build applications using standard web language rather than proprietary vendor-specific languages. Configurable communications applications provide both product and go-to-market flexibility.

Fast innovation cycles

Customer requirements & demands are constantly changing in dynamic markets. Cloud communication are a key to satisfy those demands.

Software-defined communication as an Enabler for more advanced customer engagement

Both telephony and SMS are built on top of  Deutsche Telekom’s Global Carrier Network Infrastructure.

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Best network, global footprint, best-in-class delivery

The SMS API is meant for sending SMS via our integrated Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service).

Customers buy directly from the service creator

You buy directly from service creator, not from reseller or aggregator. We expose our SMS and Calls APIs for you to use the best carrier network combined with a modern programmable API.

One stop shop for communications APIs

You can use the Calls API to make and control calls via the CPaaS. We will continually expose additional APIs for you to use for your business.

Use Cases

Use Cases for Cloud Communication Services
SMS / Voice: Marketing & Promotions

Via SMS or inbound phone calls customers will be engaged with targeted/personalized/special offers and discounts.

SMS / Voice: Notifications

Delivery (Estimated Time of Arrival) notification: Customers get periodic notifications/ETA alerts keeping them updated on the location and timing of their upcoming deliveries in real-time.

SMS: Security

Two-factor authentication: For protecting user accounts, in addition to a password users need to enter another security component when logging in, such as a PIN code. This code is sent, for example, via SMS.

Number Masking

Protect user identity: Connect to customers without disclosing real numbers. Empower customers to communicate via their preferred channel (Voice / SMS).

Boost your business with Cloud Communication Services.