Magenta Voice for Business

Voice as an enabler for seamless processes and personalized experiences

Why voice

Voice is a key enabler for a seamless, personal and intelligent assistants.

Voice assistants make the usage of existing services and applications easier and so raise their active usage in general. Within the business context, usage is still at an early stage, but becoming increasingly important.

The customer perspective

1,8 billion
end consumers will have a digital Voice assistant in the by 2021.
80% of consumers
see Voice assistants as the smarter, faster and easier way to perform daily activities.
3 x more
voice assistants will be sold by 2023.
55% of households
are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2022

The customer benefit

  • Bring convenience and enjoy
    Voice assistants are fun, because nothing is more fascinating than the quick transformation of spoken words into meaningful actions.
  • Lower the entry barrier to technology
    Anyone can speak naturally to a voice assistant and expect an appropriate response. There is no learning curve which significantly lowers the barrier to adoption especially for users who are afraid of technology.
  • The single source of contact
    By voice assistants customers can start an interaction at their home, they can prolong that conversation in their car, on their phones and voice-enabled devices - seamless, personal and intelligent.
  • Save time
    As voice assistants become faster for any given task, consumers can expect their Voice assistant to be more consistent, more accurate and be the most efficient aid to their daily life.

The business perspective

80% of users
of Voice assistants are interested in using voice assistants for doing banking transactions.
1/3 of businesses
actions would be replaced by personal Voice assistant experience (support, sales & banking)
76% of organizations
have realized quantifiable benefits from their voice and chat initiatives.
58% of organizations
say that these benefits met or exceeded their expectations.

The business benefit

  • More customer satisfaction
    Replace complex navigation menus and pages and enable your users to engage with the growing digitization of daily use cases. Because voice is the most natural human-machine-interface.
  • Enhance your brand perception
    Open up a new way to build connections with your target audience on a deeper and more emotional level through a well-defined brand voice over all touch points and be perceived as an innovative player in the market.
  • Boost your business productivity & efficiency
    Voice assistants significantly reduce the burden of going through routine daily tasks. They can speed conversations, provide access to a companys knowledge base and information that you would require for your work.

As a Leading Communications provider, we put the human at the center of technology

We offer the best user experience

We believe in voice as the most natural interface between the user and technology. The experience that we already added to our own services we can also bring to you.

We are experts in telecommunication

We’re the first ecosystem with natively integrated tele-commun-ication services such as telephony. Thus we know exactly how to support a telco proposition with a wide range of services and even beyond.

Data Privacy made by Deutsche Telekom

We care about privacy and security! Yet we don’t just want to meet the legal provisions; we want to help shape data privacy actively and work together closely with privacy experts.

We follow a “Digital Ethics” policy.

The impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) should not be underestimated. AI need an ethical framework. We have defined this framework with our self-binding guidelines.

Our offer

Enabling smart conversations, automated processes and handsfree touchpoints

Through our vendor-agnostic Voice-Platform-as-a-Service (VPaaS) we enable conversational use cases on every touch point across all industries. Learn more how we help to orchestrate and customize conversational workflows - fully integrated, stand-alone and scalable.

Boost your Business with Voice Interfaces.