Deutsche Telekom APIs: Evolving App Security in a Threat-Filled World

Fri Feb 23 2024

In the ongoing battle against cybercrime, hackers are constantly evolving their tactics to infiltrate your applications and steal sensitive user data. With Deutsche Telekom’s Network APIs, your developers have direct access to low-level infrastructure to protect your applications.

We're excited to announce that we’ll be launching two new Network APIs designed to combat emerging threats: SIM Swap Network API and Number Verification. These APIs will be supported by an industry-first service designed to provide access and support to Vonage’s CAMARA-based network APIs.

Network API Registry

The Network Registry will be easily accessible through the MagentaBusiness API Customer Dashboard. Customers that want access to CSP capabilities will be able to easily register in 3 simple steps: add a business profile, create a network application profile, and link them to their application. Customers must register their interest in specific Network APIs in their selected geography. Once submitted, users can easily track the status of their registration across all CSP partners. Once a registration is approved, the user can start leveraging their chosen network capabilities.

SIM Swap Network API

SIM swap fraud occurs when a malicious actor deactivates a user's SIM card and replaces it with a new one, without the user's knowledge. The attacker can then intercept SMS messages, reset passwords, or receive verification codes, granting them access to protected accounts.

Deutsche Telekom's SIM Swap Network API empowers service providers to detect SIM swap fraud by identifying recent SIM card changes associated with a phone number. Developers can easily integrate this capability to answer two critical questions:

  • When did the last SIM swap occur?
  • Has a SIM swap occurred in the last n hours?

High-risk industries, such as governmental, financial, or medical services, can significantly benefit from this added layer of security. For example, a banking application could implement a fail-safe mechanism that requires user verification in the event of a SIM change and a high-value transaction, ensuring the transaction is legitimate. To save costs on the bank, the frequency of checking a change in SIM could be in proportion to the risk of loss. For instance, larger value accounts would check more frequently than smaller value accounts.

Number Verification API

Consumers expect secure applications, but they also demand seamless user experiences. Balancing these two needs can be challenging, especially when it comes to multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Deutsche Telekom's Number Verification API offers a solution that enhances security while streamlining the authentication process. By authenticating a user's phone number using an active SIM card's mobile data connection, customers can access applications and websites without the need for manual 2FA passcodes, OTPs, or other verification information.

Number Verification API offers several benefits:

  • Improved user experience: Eliminating the need for manual 2FA passcodes or OTPs simplifies the authentication process.
  • Enhanced security: By removing the risks associated with SMS OTPs, such as social engineering and phishing, the Number Verification API provides a more secure authentication method.
  • Reduced spam and fake signups: Number Verification API makes it harder for spammers to create accounts, helping social media companies and other SaaS platforms mitigate spam and reduce the number of fake accounts.
  • Prevention of password sharing: Subscription-based applications can benefit from the Number Verification API by forcing users to log in based on their SIM, reducing password sharing.

Number Verification API is a versatile tool that can benefit various digital businesses, from SaaS platforms to social media companies and beyond.

Deutsche Telekom: Always a Step Ahead

Unleashing the power of the Deutsche Telekom MagentaBusiness API Portal, we're thrilled to keep breaking barriers in the CPaaS API landscape. With our distinctive advantage, we're proud to present premier solutions like SIM Swap and Number Verification Network APIs. And this is just the start!

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