Location Verification

Fraudulent activities using stolen or false identities cause high costs due to device misuse or fraud-related downtime. At the same time, verifying and tracking the location of devices and assets poses major challenges.

Location Verification provides reliable, real-time location verification that is particularly suitable for urban and energy-efficient applications.

With the Location Verification API, security and fraud prevention can be significantly improved. The reduction of fraudulent transactions and unauthorized access leads to cost savings through optimized device usage and reduced losses due to theft. This also increases customer confidence and security.

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Benefits of the Location Verification API

See how our Location Verification API helps businesses like yours succeed.
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Real-time location tracking

Reliable location determination using network data.

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Fraud prevention

Minimize fraudulent transactions and strengthen customer protection.

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Special services

Reliable location confirmation for drones, events and more.

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Technological progress

Higher real-time accuracy of customer location.

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