Video API

Integrate live interactive video directly into your web, mobile, and desktop applications with our global video platform. Create rich built-for-purpose experiences, or quickly add video to your app with a low-code/no-code offering.
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Video API Features

Create comprehensive live video experiences.

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Support all your video use-cases with 1:1 video, group video chat or large scale broadcast sessions.

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Screen sharing

Share screens and content between session participants.

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Video sessions can be video and voice, voice-only or mixed.

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SIP interconnect

Enable WebRTC and telephony interoperability with our Voice API.

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Audio and Video Recording
Whether you are creating post-event content, training materials, or simply keepings records, we have your recording needs covered with Video API’s unmatched security, flexibility and depth of recording features.
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Comprehensive performance data maintained for detailed session review, account dashboard and our Insights API.

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Video Express

Web developers can rapidly and easily build sophisticated live video apps with many participants, even without video expertise.

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Experience Composer

Go beyond simple video and audio composition, enabling advanced composition, broadcast and recording of application elements like branded UI, whiteboards, chat, and other dynamic JavaScript components.

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