Local Installation


  • Install python 3
  • Install git (not sure we have to specify this!)
  • Clone recent version of the SDK from the repository
  • Install pip that works with python 3
  • Setup the SDK by running python setup.py develop for development environment or python setup.py install for production environment.

Create a new skill

  • Switch to the SDK directory
  • Run python setup.py new_skill command. Name your skill, set the programming language and enter the directory where the new skill will be placed. (default is ~/skills directory)

Run tests for the skill

  • Switch to the skill directory (e.g. ~/skills/skill-my-skill-python)
  • Run python3 manage.py test command to see everything is working properly.

Webserver and swagger for the skill​

  • Switch to the skill directory
  • Run python3 manage.py --dev run command and go to the http://localhost:4242 to see swagger documentation.
  • You can test example skill by sending a request to the POST /v1/my-skill endpoint by using examples for request body.